Moratorium on Evictions for Non-Payment

The Oregon Governor issued Executive Order 20-13 on April 1, 2020. This order restricts evictions based on non-payment of rent as summarized below:

-Landlords may not terminate a tenant’s rental agreement for non-payment.
-Landlords may not file, serve or deliver any notice of termination for non-payment.
-Landlords may still terminate agreements for other causes.
-This does not relieve tenants from the obligation to pay.
-Tenants shall notify landlord as soon as possible if unable to pay full rent when due and shall make partial payments to the extent possible.
-Late fees will be waived.
-This will be in effect through December 31st, 2020.

As your landlord, we are asking tenants to enter into payment agreements if they cannot meet their full rent obligation. In order to avoid late fees, tenant must discuss a payment plan prior to the date of late charges being assessed (5th of the month).

To view the full text of Executive Order 20-13 visit:

Resources Available to Tenants
Congressman Earl Blumenauer has complied a list of resources available: